Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fifty shades of Grey. What’s the fuss? Can Drusilla Blood match it thrust for thrust?

  •     So I’ve read it. Yup, had to. Look, if there is a sexy, best selling book out there, I want it to be mine. And I firmly believe that if you wish to comment on something, at least read the damn book/ see the film/ taste the witchetty grub. I thought I’d have a little flick through and see what everyone was going on about. Drusilla Blood, my supernatural thriller, has been described as racy by some, sexy by many and fairly graphic by others (this from my sister, sheepishly, to my face) so I figured I was in with a chance at matching the old mummy porn novel in the passion stakes. Weeeelll…I really wasn’t prepared. Despite reading a lot of marketing gumpf from various broadsheets — ‘best kindle seller’, ‘mummy porn wins out’, ‘sexy novels comeback’ and so on, I hadn’t realised that it really is just sex, sex, sex. I read Emmanuelle as a teenager. I know the genre. A ‘filthy book’ as the nuns might have said if they’d caught me reading it.
  •     I thought this best seller was chicklit with a bit more sex in it. Jaysus. Almost every page is filled with cavorting nipples, thrusting, and erections. I have no doubt that many men around the country are surprised and delighted by a revival in their sexual fortune at this very moment thanks to their wives and partners getting frisky after the FSG. And by all means read for a little sexual gratification, but I must warn you: do not expect sparkling prose, a rewarding engrossing plot or engaging, rounded characters. I am afraid all of these had to be sacrificed to the God of Erotica; his price was indeed steep.
  •     What I am hoping is that the bandwagon that the major publishers are jumping on today will morph into something else tomorrow. Just as Sex and the City introduced a new era of sex and women on telly, perhaps we will see a rise in contemporary commercial women’s fiction books where there is more sexual content — believable sexual content, not necessarily erotica but with convincing bits of hoohaw.
  •      I’ve just heard they’ve sold the film rights. The mind boggles.
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