Monday, 27 February 2012

Cover love, Pagan Gods, Drusilla Blood and Penis envy

So Drusilla Blood is going through its final edit with my lovely editor. I must avoid the embarrassment of multiple repeats of the word 'phallus'.

  • COVER discussions are going on… Christ! Ah no, he definitely can’t be on it. Been trawling through the horror/thriller/fantasy covers on Amazon. It’s difficult to identify any common theme that immediately proclaims one or other as a genre book- although the fantasy does seem to have a lot of misty landscapes and folk wearing medieval/flowing garb (must avoid this). I like the new Stephen King covers done by Stuart Bache. Bold, current and arresting. 

  • So a few meets with the graphic designers (the lovely Pili and Bry at and we talked around the book a bit. An hour’s discussion at fabulous foody Thornes in Brighton extended from a coffee to breakfast and then to rather loungy late lunch and was heading dinnerwise before I remembered I have two children. (update: Thornes shut up shop shortly later - not sure if it was something we did…)

  • They had ideas, and I had a vague idea about a horned god image crossed with an ancient manuscript image crossed with something archaeological – trowel perhaps. (My husband, who passed by for a quick hello, tainted the waters with crude references to the sex scenes in Drusilla – ‘How about a large penis?’- cue Bry ‘with horns on?’). Now they think I’m a nympho.

  • Anyway, they were both – Pili and Bry ( - giving me the ‘ she hasn’t a clue’ look — but in an indulgent, chuckling mum way — so I shut up. They know what they’re doing. Modern, clean and striking were words mentioned. All good words. Exciting.