Friday, 20 December 2013

My winters day song. Merry Christmas one and All!

Hello! It's been a while since I posted anything. Oops
Anyway, here is a little festive winter ditty for you. Feel free to share with anyone you so wish...
 My jumped up version of an old traditional song with new lyrics and a spanking new chorus... Hope you like it. Merry Christmas! Mir Cooke
Winters day/ Peace on earth. Mir Cooke's Winter song

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Drusilla Blood - Book of the month on IPC magazines 'CHAT - it's fate'

How exciting! Drusilla Blood is book of the month ( January) in IPC's 'CHAT' it's fate, magazine. (IPC - big ginormous publisher - Marie Claire, Country Life, Now etc).
 And a very nice review.
'Blood Pressure. Black Magic and a fresh take on paranormal fiction. Miriam Cooke's debut novel Drusilla Blood is a gripping Thriller where the past and present weave together in a tale of passion, intrigue, murder and the Supernatural.
More, more, more.

Check it out on kindle edition- on special offer at the moment - £0.99 and $0.99
It is also now available on Nook, Kobo and iBook.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Drusilla Blood, Stargate, Horror movies and lil' ole me on Horror talk TV

Check me blathering away in this excellent episode of horrortalktv this month. (Relieved to know the Stargate boys Christopher Judge and Ben Browder are doing just fine).

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

An American girl in Italy - An Irish Pretender

  • Have a good look at these two photos. One may be familiar to you, and the other may seem, well, it may seem a little distracting. You’re probably asking yourself why the poor girl isn’t wearing a bra with that ever so slightly revealing dress. I know I am, and I am the poor girl in the photo.
  • So… the reconstruction photo. We love them — don’t we? And yet, they never really work. It may be the same cafĂ© in Florence, forty years later; it may have a similar bunch of leering Italians albeit from a slightly different angle. But here, the main difference, I believe, is the message of the second photo. A perhaps, misreading of the original photo, or just a silly styling mistake.
  • Whereas the original photo ‘An American girl in Italy’ is a wonderful visual depiction of the sometimes intimidating and misogynist Italian street attitude, the reconstruction apparently misses the point. Even while this photo was being shot, I was aware of the incongruity of the styling. The focus of the original is the sedate American woman cringing against the barrage of aggressive attention. In the recreation I was part of, the men were witnessing a rather skinny yet oddly buxom gal shuffling down the street in pointy shoes and revealing crocheted dress. Now I’ve nothing against revealing crocheted dresses, I vaguely remember it was a rather lovely revealing crocheted dress, by a rather lovely local lady designer who knew the photographer, but it hardly recreated the image of a normal everyday girl about town, hassled for no reason by the swarthy locals. I look like I’m doing the walk of shame after a stopover. Jesus, I’d stare at me, if only to marvel at strange finger attachments and bows on the shoulders. I think my photo ends up a more disturbing image, the men are a little more menacing, and where with the original we wonder at the inappropriate ogling, in the recreation we still censure the men and feel for the girl but we question her dress sense and choice. In this photo it almost implies the adage that women dressing a certain way deserve a certain reaction.
  • So what was the point then? Actually merely a modern day attempt to capture the feel of a famous old photo. Although the original by Ruth Orkin was slightly staged (the subject NinaLee Craig, was asked to repeat the walk a second time and the men requested to not look at the camera), it was in effect two independent women wandering around Florence on a single day, snapping pictures and recording for posterity what was common and frankly often intimidating behavior enacted by men of a (dare I say it) certain type in Italy. Forty years later I was that young woman living in Florence, lolloping around town with my best girlfriend. I ran the very same gamut of emotions the girl in the fifties did, and strangely very little had changed. I was once even shouted at by a five year old boy cheered on by his male relatives ( che bella figa – ‘what a lovely pu**y’). But here the dress was the down fall. Which is a shame. 
  • I cannot paint all the men of Italy with the same generic brush, because that would be mad mad mad. Italian men can be a breath of gentleman like air. I should know- I went out with a few in my time. This picture merely encapsulates a peculiar Italian behavior, which still existed forty years on. Things may have changed over the last decade or so since I lived there. I hope so. But that is for some other woman in her twenties to say.
  • (disclaimer - Apologies to the photographer of my photo whose name I have forgotten. I salute your endeavor. Still a beautiful picture which holds special memories for me. A wonderful time as a young girl roaming the labyrinthine streets of Florence. Ogled or not.)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fifty shades of Grey. What’s the fuss? Can Drusilla Blood match it thrust for thrust?

  •     So I’ve read it. Yup, had to. Look, if there is a sexy, best selling book out there, I want it to be mine. And I firmly believe that if you wish to comment on something, at least read the damn book/ see the film/ taste the witchetty grub. I thought I’d have a little flick through and see what everyone was going on about. Drusilla Blood, my supernatural thriller, has been described as racy by some, sexy by many and fairly graphic by others (this from my sister, sheepishly, to my face) so I figured I was in with a chance at matching the old mummy porn novel in the passion stakes. Weeeelll…I really wasn’t prepared. Despite reading a lot of marketing gumpf from various broadsheets — ‘best kindle seller’, ‘mummy porn wins out’, ‘sexy novels comeback’ and so on, I hadn’t realised that it really is just sex, sex, sex. I read Emmanuelle as a teenager. I know the genre. A ‘filthy book’ as the nuns might have said if they’d caught me reading it.
  •     I thought this best seller was chicklit with a bit more sex in it. Jaysus. Almost every page is filled with cavorting nipples, thrusting, and erections. I have no doubt that many men around the country are surprised and delighted by a revival in their sexual fortune at this very moment thanks to their wives and partners getting frisky after the FSG. And by all means read for a little sexual gratification, but I must warn you: do not expect sparkling prose, a rewarding engrossing plot or engaging, rounded characters. I am afraid all of these had to be sacrificed to the God of Erotica; his price was indeed steep.
  •     What I am hoping is that the bandwagon that the major publishers are jumping on today will morph into something else tomorrow. Just as Sex and the City introduced a new era of sex and women on telly, perhaps we will see a rise in contemporary commercial women’s fiction books where there is more sexual content — believable sexual content, not necessarily erotica but with convincing bits of hoohaw.
  •      I’ve just heard they’ve sold the film rights. The mind boggles.
Find on Amazon US UK

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Twitter obsession.

I have started using twitter.
 And I can't say I've quite mastered it yet. Or ever will.
  • This social networking lark is supposed to be rather important in the old get your book up the ratings listings — according to quite a lot of people who write quite a lot of blogs about this very subject. So I have revived the auld account I set up last year and never used. Perhaps I am getting a little better at it though, I got three more people following me yesterday — do porn people followers count? I befriended (or is it followed) Richard Dreyfuss as I saw he had just started too and thought he might want a pal. Can’t think why he hasn’t started messaging me yet.

  • Also I have a fan site on facebook — I think I’ve posted on there about five times so methinks I need to put in a little more work. (Can’t you pay people to do this?) The downside of the whole twitter thing is that it is addictive and I have been following people’s feeds dog like, waiting for their next witty comments, all to the detriment of my work. Looks like I’m going to have to revert to the ‘pulling the plug out on the router’ plan to get any writing done. I need to hand in a developed synopsis of my new novel to my agent and I’ve been around the back of the bike shed smoking with twitter.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Cover love, Pagan Gods, Drusilla Blood and Penis envy

So Drusilla Blood is going through its final edit with my lovely editor. I must avoid the embarrassment of multiple repeats of the word 'phallus'.

  • COVER discussions are going on… Christ! Ah no, he definitely can’t be on it. Been trawling through the horror/thriller/fantasy covers on Amazon. It’s difficult to identify any common theme that immediately proclaims one or other as a genre book- although the fantasy does seem to have a lot of misty landscapes and folk wearing medieval/flowing garb (must avoid this). I like the new Stephen King covers done by Stuart Bache. Bold, current and arresting. 

  • So a few meets with the graphic designers (the lovely Pili and Bry at and we talked around the book a bit. An hour’s discussion at fabulous foody Thornes in Brighton extended from a coffee to breakfast and then to rather loungy late lunch and was heading dinnerwise before I remembered I have two children. (update: Thornes shut up shop shortly later - not sure if it was something we did…)

  • They had ideas, and I had a vague idea about a horned god image crossed with an ancient manuscript image crossed with something archaeological – trowel perhaps. (My husband, who passed by for a quick hello, tainted the waters with crude references to the sex scenes in Drusilla – ‘How about a large penis?’- cue Bry ‘with horns on?’). Now they think I’m a nympho.

  • Anyway, they were both – Pili and Bry ( - giving me the ‘ she hasn’t a clue’ look — but in an indulgent, chuckling mum way — so I shut up. They know what they’re doing. Modern, clean and striking were words mentioned. All good words. Exciting.